Canadian Elks

Charles E. Redeker
Founded September 26, 1912 and incorporated under a special Dominion of Canada Charter. The first lodge was established in Vancouver, B.C. and the Officers and members expanded the Elks organization across Canada. Charles E. Redeker became the first National Leader of the Elks of Canada. The largest, all-Canadian, fraternal organization in Canada developed. Prior to 1912 an Elks organization flourished in the USA. The Elks of Canada are not affiliated with the American Elks, but share a common history and enjoy a friendly relationship. The US framework of the organization was developed at a meeting in New York on February 16, 1868 and spread rapidly becoming one of the most respected and successful organizations in the United States of America. It was only natural to base the Elks of Canada on such a fine example. The Elks of Canada have grown to over 250 lodges with close to 15,000 members and are committed to our Vision of being the most progressive family focused organization in Canada, meeting community and member needs and expectations.

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